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Founder/ Instructor

Cho Sensei

Hyun Hong Wright, Tora Dojo Founder, is a 7th Dan Kyoshi Kendo teacher from South Korea.

  • The highest graded female and the first female to be awarded 7th Dan in the Australian Kendo Association.

  • Founder and manager of Tora Dojo Kendo Club (London & Melbourne) and the London Cup kendo competition.

  • PhD in sports science at Victoria university.

  • Awarded a certificate of recognition for outstanding contribution to the promotion of sports in Seoul, South Korea.

  • The first amateur to be selected for the South Korean National Kendo Team. Fought as Taisho at the WKC.

  • Winner of Fighting Spirit Award for holding the Japanese captain to a 1:1 draw at 11th WKC.

  • Ladies Coach/Assistant Coach for the British Kendo Team.

  • Assistant Coach for Victoria Kendo Team.

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Co-founder/ Instructor 

5th Dan

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Former Great British Team member. Currently practicing in Tora Kendo Club Melbourne, Australia

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